The Evolution of Gaming & The Nintendo 64

Nintendo is basically an agency in Japan which introduced N64 as a home game console.


An Introduction to the N64

It is easy to guess by its name that it is designed around 64-bit CPU based console. It is known as one of Nintendo's most magical consoles. 

More than 20 Years Old

This is still one of the most favorite art forms for many people. 


This is a system that almost changed everything in the world of games.

Great Interface

Its pad ranked amongst the most groundbreaking pads and came up with new enjoyable features.

A Variety of Games

The N64 launched with a huge range of games and almost instantly became a mainstream success.

Importance of the Nintendo 64


    It is almost not possible to play any modern game without its console and N64 is proving to be the best gaming console in the industry. It is much faster than SNES, and it could easily produce more than 16 million colors. This has been the first controller ever to rumble to provide real-world feedback.


    When we talk about modern gaming interfaces, Nintendo 64 is the first console that comes to mind because it had one of the first portable LCD screens. It was the first agency ever to introduce the "Digital Pad" consisting of LCD systems that are portable. The industry has witnessed the N 64 as the most significant evolution of gaming controllers.


    The  N64 came into the industry as a game-changing analog system in great style. It consisted of a default pad and has a unique feature of three grip design that offers a lot of options to play with different games. 


    People who were used to SNES and shifted to the N64 felt a major difference. It feels mind-blowing when you shift from a D-pad to an analog system due to the much improved gaming experience.


The Rumble Block Breakthrough.

This is another efficient innovation of the N64 that was a special bolt-on to the cartridge

Vibrations from the Game

The rumble block would vibrate based on different stages in the game, adding a life-like experience to gaming.

A ton of supported Games

Mario 64, Ocarina of Time, Golden eye, Super Smash Bros are just a few examples of successful N64 games