Battelfield 1 Aimbot Advantage

The Dangers Of Using A Battlefield 1 Aimbot

In any new online multiplayer shooter, it can be tempting to cheat to gain an advantage. The idea of seeing your kill/death ratio skyrocket compared to other players is a temptation that is too much for many online players, especially ones that are new to first person shooters and feel frustrated that they do not have much practice, however, using a Battlefield 1 aimbot is not a good idea in the long run!

battlefield 1 aimbotNot only can aimbotting get you banned from the specific game you were playing, but often you will get banned from the entire digital service. If you use a Battlefield 1 aimbot and are caught, not only may you lose access to the game you paid $60 for, you may lose every single game on your Origin account. Depending on how many games you own, this could cost hundreds or even over a thousand dollars!

Aimbotting also is not as fun as you might expect. While the idea of winning every game sounds great, aimbots really just make you watch them play the game. It is not nearly as satisfying to watch your aimbot score an awesome kill than it is to pull off that kill yourself. After winning every game for a few hours, the novelty of being able to kill anyone easily will wear off.

Not only this, but other players can usually tell when someone is aimbotting.

There is a lot more to first person shooters than aiming, and if a player is racking up the kills but not positioning themselves in places that it makes sense, it does not take a genius to figure out what is going on.

If enough players notice that there’s something fishy about your kills, it won’t be long before the reports roll in and you find yourself out $60.

battelfield 1

All in all, it just is not worth it to use cheats in online games, especially expensive ones like Battlefield 1.

For a few hours of entertainment, you risk losing at the very least the game you hacked in, and possibly all of your games. Instead, try looking up some videos from top players on how you can learn how to play like a pro.

You will feel much better about yourself if you gain the ability to stomp the competition without any unfair advantage, and it is a lot safer, too!